IBM i Modernization

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What We Do

AS/400 IBMi RPG programmer

The Mod Squad helps small and medium IBM i on Power Systems clients evolve their IT applications and systems to a condition that is considered “modern.” This includes legacy, or heritage, versions of the system such as S/36 environment, AS/400, iSeries and System i. 

In the context of our work, the term “modern” means we assist your organization to; 

  • Build a pragmatic plan to move your applications and IT from legacy to modern and from unsustainable to  maintainable. 
  • Execute the modernization project collaboratively with your team, or work independently to meet your IT goals as your business needs dictate. 

  • Deliver on a schedule that fits your timeline and budgets. 

  • We can even stay on following the modernization project to provide ongoing IT support. 


Our capabilities extend to other aspects of IT operations that your modernization may require and can include;

  • Hardware and OS versions

  • Legacy RPG code that may date back to RPG II running in the S36 environment

  • Business process improvements

  • Integration issues

  • Security exposures

  • and more

The Mod Squad will assess your IT environment, then our squad will gather to discuss your particular needs and design a single approach or perhaps alternative approaches if appropriate based on your needs and our years of experience. From there we will work with your team at a level that makes the most sense for your business!

Who We Are

iSeries RPG programming

The Mod Squad represents a consortium of two companies and several individuals who are  dedicated to serving the IT needs of companies like yours who are committed to IT operations running on IBM i on Power Systems (or heritage versions of this environment including S/36 environment, AS/400, iSeries and System i). Our mission is to help companies who’ve taken advantage of IBM’s built-in upward compatibility and are running older, complex, monolithic programs with internally described flat files.  We help those organizations evolve their applications to be maintainable, modern, and ready to continue to service their needs into the future! 

Our squad was founded by two long time IBM i veterans, Danny Duncan of Respect Technology, Inc and Rich Ollari of Tree Line Solutions. Both have more than 30 years’ experience in the AS/400 / IBM i market and have collaborated for several years on a wide variety of IT projects. The balance of the Squad’s 12 members include employees of both Respect Technology and Tree Line Solutions along with a group of talented “independents.” Collectively, the Mod Squad boasts a team with over 450 years of IBM i experience including RPG, Cobol, Db2, SQL and a variety of supporting tools.


Our Squad covers vast geography from the New England states, down through the Carolinas and west to Colorado and beyond to California. The group brings experience across many industries from Public-Sector, to Manufacturing and Distribution, Insurance/Finance, Retail, Trucking and more. 

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